May 2019 Newsletter

Washington, DC Update Federal Timber Purchasers Committee Meeting AFRC/Montana Logging Association Weigh in With Support of Glacier Loon Project Montana Governor Appoints Forest Action Advisory Council AFRC Participates in Forests Today & Forever Field Days    

April 2019 Newsletter

2019 AFRC Annual Meeting DC Update Washington Legislative Update O & C Monument Rulings Cottonwood Colville Objection Meetings Rogue Forest Restoration Initiative Forum Member Profile: Rosboro

March 2019 Newsletter

AFRC Annual Meeting DC Update O & C Act Blue Mountain Forest Plan Pulled East Reservoir Project Proceeds Severe Weather and Timber Sales Clean Water Act Review Swanson Mill Closure Region 1 Honored Women in the Woods

February 2019 Newsletter

AFRC Annual Meeting DC Update BLM 2019 Timber Sale Program Washington Legislative Update Lower Grave Inyo Resolution Meeting Regulatory Review Montana Forests in Focus 2.0 Little Naches Watershed Member Profile: Hampton

January 2019 Newsletter

DC Update AFRC Rebrand Washington Legislative Update Seiad-Horse Opinion Issued Lowell Country Project Salvage in Record Time Montana GNA Update Member Profile: Sierra Forest Products