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AFRC’s Letters of Support for Pioneer Fire ESD’s

On May 22, AFRC wrote letters to Chief Tidwell to support the Boise National Forest’s request for Emergency Situation Determinations for the North and South Pioneer Fire Salvage and Restoration Projects.

Idaho Governor’s Response to Forest Service Inaction

Recently, and in response to the Pioneer Fire currently razing through the state, Idaho Governor Butch Otter and Lt. Gov. Brad Little penned a letter addressed to current Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell. In the letter, Otter and Little impart the importance of harvesting timber quickly in response to the fire, and opine the latency Region […]

AFRC Calls for Increased Funding for Oregon BLM

AFRC is calling on the Congress and the Oregon Congressional Delegation to adequately fund the Oregon BLM. In order to meet its clear legal obligations under the O&C Act, the Congress must provide the agency with additional dollars and clear direction. The consequences of budget cuts will be unhealthier forests, lost jobs, and more further […]

County Concerns Over New BLM Plan

The Association of O&C Counties’ issues and uncertainties regarding the BLM’s proposed resource management plan.