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AFRC is a regional trade association whose purpose is to advocate for sustained yield timber harvests on public timberlands throughout the West to enhance forest health and resistance to fire, insects, and disease. We do this by promoting active management to attain productive public forests, protect adjoining private forests, and assure community stability. We work to improve federal and state laws, regulations, policies and decisions regarding access to and management of public forest lands and protection of all forest lands.

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Recent Press Releases

Washington DNR ‘Carbon Project’ Undercuts Washington’s Climate Goals

American Forest Resource Council (AFRC) President Travis Joseph had the following to say regarding the Washington Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) ‘carbon project’ on public working forests known as state tru

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AFRC comments on Ninth Circuit decision regarding Cuddy Valley and Tecuya Ridge Projects on the Los Padres National Forest

AFRC General Counsel Sara Ghafouri had the following to say regarding the Ninth Circuit's decision today on the Cuddy Valley Forest Health/Fuels Reduction and Tecuya Ridge Shaded Fuel Break Projects on the Los Padres Nat

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AFRC Joins Kootenai Forest Stakeholders Coalition, Lincoln County to Defend Ripley Project

The American Forest Resource Council (AFRC) has formally joined the Kootenai Forest Stakeholders Coalition (KFSC) and Lincoln County in defending the Ripley Project on the Kootenai National Forest. On November 22, U.S

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Recent Newsletters

April 2022 Newsletter

AFRC Wraps up 2022 Annual Meeting – “The Crossroads” The AFRC Podcast: Can Forest Carbon Offsets and Forest Products Co-Exist? Washington, DC Update Biden Executive Order No Timber from Tyrants Act Washington DNR Carbon

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March 2022 Newsletter

AFRC Annual Meeting: See You Soon at Skamania Lodge Washington, DC Update Congress: Fiscal Year 2022 Appropriations Biden Admin: Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Request AFRC in DC for meetings with Forest Service, Congress AFRC Legal

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February 2022 Newsletter

U.S. Forest Service Chief Randy Moore Confirmed for AFRC Annual Meeting Washington, DC Update AFRC, Congressman Bentz Visit “River Democracy Act” Gulches Forest Service Receives Disaster Relief Funding; Timber Outputs Continue to Dim

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Featured Facts & Research Article

In the Inland Northwest, where the forest land base is dominated by federal ownership and the forests are managed for a multitude of benefits, life cycle analysis suggests that the optimal solution for maximizing carbon gain under both current and future climate conditions is to manage forests to maximize long-lived wood products and to minimize the risk of severe wildfires