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AFRC is a regional trade association whose purpose is to advocate for sustained yield timber harvests on public timberlands throughout the West to enhance forest health and resistance to fire, insects, and disease. We do this by promoting active management to attain productive public forests, protect adjoining private forests, and assure community stability. We work to improve federal and state laws, regulations, policies and decisions regarding access to and management of public forest lands and protection of all forest lands.

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Washington Board of Natural Resources Should Reject Bully Tactics Over Management of State Trust Lands

Beneficiaries of Washington state trust lands urged the Board of Natural Resources (BNR) to follow the State Supreme Court's opinion in Conservation Northwest v. Commissioner of Public Lands and meet its obligations to c

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Oregon's Rum Creek Fire Reveals Risks of New Wilderness Proposals

As of this writing, the Rum Creek Fire in southwest Oregon has burned nearly 12,000 acres along the iconic Rogue River northwest of Grants Pass.  Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has declared an emergency as “Level 3 - Go Now

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MYTH vs. FACT: Washington State Supreme Court Affirms DNR Trust Mandate

On July 21, 2022, the Washington State Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision in Conservation Northwest v. Franz affirming the trust mandate that applies to Department of Natural Resources (DNR) state trust lands. Thi

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August 2022 Newsletter

AFRC Submits Comments on Federal Old Growth and Mature Forests The AFRC Podcast: FFRC's Bill Imbergamo- Defining "Old Growth" when our forests are burning Oregon's Rum Creek Fire Reveals Risks of New Wilderness Proposals Washington DC Up

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July 2022 Newsletter

Washington DC Update Appropriations U.S. Senate ENR Committee Mark-Up Cottonwood River Democracy Act Root and Stem Project Authorization Act DeFazio Rogue Wilderness, National Recreation Area Legislation Must Read: Why

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June 2022 Newsletter

Telling Your Story – We are all in this Together The AFRC Podcast: 100 years of Freres, Innovation and Sustainability Washington DC Update Secretary Vilsack issues Secretarial Memorandum Forest Service budget hearing DeFazio Wi

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Featured Facts & Research Article

In the Inland Northwest, where the forest land base is dominated by federal ownership and the forests are managed for a multitude of benefits, life cycle analysis suggests that the optimal solution for maximizing carbon gain under both current and future climate conditions is to manage forests to maximize long-lived wood products and to minimize the risk of severe wildfires