December 2023

AFRC Comments on U.S. Forest Service’s Notice of Intent on Old-Growth Forests

American Forest Resource Council President Travis Joseph had the following to say regarding the U.S. Forest Service’s Notice of Intent (NOI) on Old Growth forests: “The American Forest Resource Council is reviewing the Forest Service’s NOI and will submit substantive comments. On the surface, however, the proposed policy fails to take meaningful steps to address […]

Washington DNR’s Set Aside of State Trust Lands under Climate Commitment Act Driven by Politics, Not Climate Science

Today the American Forest Resource Council (AFRC) questioned the politics and science behind the use of funding from Washington’s controversial Climate Commitment Act (CCA) to set aside 2,000 acres of Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) trust lands that will no longer serve as working forests to provide climate benefits, nor to provide funding for counties, […]