A Message from the President

At AFRC, we are passionate about what we do – which is advocate for responsible management of our public forestlands. We strongly believe that active management of our public forests is the right thing to do – for the environment, for the economy, and for the future. Our work is inspired by AFRC members’ commitment to community, honesty and hard work, and their love of the outdoors.

Meet Our Team 

About AFRC

Mission Statement

AFRC is a regional trade association whose purpose is to advocate for sustained yield timber harvests on public timberlands throughout the West to enhance forest health and resistance to fire, insects, and disease. We do this by promoting active management to attain productive public forests, protect adjoining private forests, and assure community stability. We work to improve federal and state laws, regulations, policies and decisions regarding access to and management of public forest lands and protection of all forest lands.

The ultimate goal of AFRC’s programs and initiatives is to advance our members’ ability to practice socially and scientifically responsible forestry on both public and private forest lands.  For more information on the benefits of AFRC membership, click here.

How to Become a Member

The AFRC membership is made up of manufacturers and companies that work directly in or represent the forest products industry. Membership categories include:

  • Manufacturers of lumber, plywood and other forest products.
  • Producers of logs, pilings, poles, pulpwood, chips and other forest products.
  • Forestland owners.
  • Law firms, consultants, bonding companies and insurance agencies that represent the forest products industry

If you would like more information on becoming a member, email info@amforest.org or call our office at (503) 222-9505.

Our Members

3H Forestry & Land Management
Adams County, Idaho www.co.adams.id.us
Alta Forest Products www.altafp.com
Associated California Loggers www.calog.com
Associated Logging Contractors, Inc. ‐ Idaho www.idahologgers.com
Associated Oregon Loggers www.oregonloggers.org
B-G Logging www.bandglogging.com
Bear Lake County, Idaho www.bearlakecounty.info
Bell Timber www.blpole.com
Blue Mountain Lumber www.bmlp.net
Boise Cascade www.bc.com
C & D Lumber www.cdlumber.com
Caribou County, Idaho www.cariboucounty.us
Cascade Hardwood www.cascadehardwood.com
Chelan County, Washington http://www.co.chelan.wa.us
Clackamas County www.clackamas.us
The Collins Company www.collinswood.com
Columbia Cedar www.columbiacedar.com
Columbia Forest Products www.columbiaforestproducts.com
Crook County, Oregon http://co.crook.or.us
D.L. Stoy Logging
D.R. Johnson Lumber www.drjlumber.com
Del Logging
Douglas Timber Operators www.dougtimber.org
Ferry County, Washington
Forest2Market www.forest2market.com
Franklin Logging
Freres Lumber www.frereslumber.com
Giustina Land & Timber www.giustinalandandtimber.com
Green Crow www.greencrow.com
Haglund Kelley, LLP www.hk-law.com
Hampton Lumber www.hamptonlumber.com
Herbert Lumber www.herbertlumber.com
HL Power Company www.greenleaf-power.com
Hull-Oakes Lumber www.hulloakes.com
Idaho Forest Group www.idahoforestgroup.com
Idaho Recreation Council http://id-rc.org
Interfor U.S. Inc. www.interfor.com
Iron Triangle, LLC
JW Bamford www.bamfordequipment.com
Keller Lumber www.kellerlumbercompany.com
Kriege Logging
Lincoln County, Montana wwww.lincolncountymt.us
Loggers Association of Northern California www.lancinc.com
Mineral County, Montana http://co.mineral.mt.us/
Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation http://dnrc.mt.gov
Montana Logging Association www.logging.org
Moss Adams www.mossadams.com
Mountain Western Log Scaling logscalers.com/Welcome.html
Mt. Hood Forest Products www.highcascade.net
Murphy Company www.murphyplywood.com
Northwest Hardwoods www.northwesthardwoods.com
Northwest Resource Law https://www.nwresourcelaw.com/
Oregon Overseas Timber www.ootci.com
Packaging Corporation of America www.packagingcorp.com
Parma Post and Pole www.parmapostandpole.com
Pend Oreille County https://pendoreilleco.org/
Port of Port Angeles www.portofpa.com
Powell County, Montana www.powellcountymt.gov
Prairie Wood Products www.drjlumber.com
Quicksilver Contracting Company
Rainier Veneer
Ragon and Sons
Rosboro www.rosboro.com
Roseburg Forest Products www.roseburg.com
RSG Forest Products www.rsgfp.com
Schmidbauer Lumber www.schmidbauerlumber.com
SDS Lumber www.sdslumber.com
Seneca Sawmill www.senecasawmill.com
Sierra Forest Products
Sierra Pacific Industries www.spi-ind.com
Siskiyou Cascade Resources www.siskiyoucascaderesources.com
Siskiyou County, California www.co.siskiyou.ca.us
Skamania County, Washington www.siskiyoucascaderesources.com
Smith, Currie & Hancock www.smithcurrie.com
South Coast Lumber www.socomi.com
Southern Oregon Timber Industries
Southport Forest Products www.southportforest.com/
Starfire Lumber www.starfirelumber.com
Stella-Jones Corporation www.stella-jones.com
Stevens County http://www.co.stevens.wa.us/
Stimson Lumber Company www.stimsonlumber.com
Stoel Rives www.stoel.com
Sun Mountain Lumber http://www.sunmtnlumber.com
Swanson Bros. Lumber www.swansonbros.com
Swanson Group www.swansongroup.biz
T2, Inc. www.t2incorporated.com
Timber Products www.timberproducts.com
Trinity River Lumber www.trinityriverlumbercompany.com
Venable LLP https://www.venable.com/
Vaagen Brothers Lumber www.vaagenbros.com
Ward Insurance www.wardinsurance.net
Washington Contract Loggers www.loggers.com
Washington Hardwood Commission www.wahardwoodscomm.com
Western Forest Products https://www.westernforest.com
Wilkins, Kaiser & Olsen www.wkoinc.com
Woodruff-Sawyer https://wsandco.com