American Forest Resource Council

AFRC Monitoring Program

AFRC’s monitoring team is focused on assisting federal land managers with development of economically viable timber sales that provide local purchasers with the raw material they need to manufacture wood products and support the rural communities they operate in.

In addition to helping shape timber projects from the ground up, the monitoring team also identifies strategies to growing the federal timber program to a level that aligns with the needs of the land and local communities. Our monitoring program provides members with access to real-time and detailed timber sale plans and projections and organized meetings with land management agencies.

Monitoring Program Staff

Key Accomplishments

  • Provided technical assistance to the Forest Service that helped the Northwest Region reduce its level of uneconomical timber sales by 80% in 2020.
  • Worked to ensure flexibility in timber sale contracts due to complications from COVID-19 and 2020 wildfires.
  • Actively engaged in the revision of the “Eastside Screens” policy (21” rule) by the Forest Service that has limited active management and timber volume in Eastern Washington and Oregon for 25+ years.
  • Partnered with leading national organizations to shape and support the modernization of federal land management agency policies related to forest management and the sale of timber products.