April 2022 Newsletter

  • AFRC Wraps up 2022 Annual Meeting – “The Crossroads”
  • The AFRC Podcast: Can Forest Carbon Offsets and Forest Products Co-Exist?
  • Washington, DC Update
    • Biden Executive Order
    • No Timber from Tyrants Act
  • Washington DNR Carbon Project Met with Opposition, Skepticism
  • Forest Service Releases Infrastructure Funding for Selected Landscapes
  • AFRC Legal Update
    • Environmental Groups Settle Their Challenge to FWS “Not Warranted” Finding for the Red Tree Vole
    • CEQ Finalizes Phase I NEPA Regulations: Reverting Key Provisions of the 2020 NEPA Regulations Back to the 1978 NEPA Regulations
    • Unfavorable Court Ruling Regarding the Castle Mountains Project on the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest
    • New Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

March 2022 Newsletter

  • AFRC Annual Meeting: See You Soon at Skamania Lodge
  • Washington, DC Update
    • Congress: Fiscal Year 2022 Appropriations
    • Biden Admin: Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Request
    • AFRC in DC for meetings with Forest Service, Congress
  • AFRC Legal Update
    • Judge Aiken Denies Preliminary Injunction on Bear Grub and Round Oak Projects.
    • Grays Harbor Superior Court Upholds the About Time, Bluehorse, and Proposer DNR Timber Sales.
    • Despite Mixed Ruling, Judge Winmill Allows the Brebner Flat Project to Proceed.
    • Ninth Circuit Denies Emergency Request for a Preliminary Injunction on 18 Projects.
    • Mixed District Court Ruling Regarding the Houston South Project.
  • Advances in Bioacoustics Technology for Northern Spotted Owl and Marbled Murrelet Surveys
  • Washington DNR Fails to Hit Volume Target and Lowers Fiscal Year 2022 Target
  • Groups Working to Help Reboot Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest Restoration

February 2022 Newsletter

  • U.S. Forest Service Chief Randy Moore Confirmed for AFRC Annual Meeting
  • Washington, DC Update
  • AFRC, Congressman Bentz Visit “River Democracy Act” Gulches
  • Forest Service Receives Disaster Relief Funding; Timber Outputs Continue to Diminish
  • Washington DNR Under Pressure on Mature Forests, Trust Mandate and Past Promises
  • Region 1 Completes Two Forest Plan Revisions
  • AFRC Legal Update
  • Sarah Melton Joins AFRC as Staff Attorney

January 2022 Newsletter

  • Registration Now Open for 2022 Annual Meeting (In-Person)
  • Washington, DC Update
  • Ninth Circuit Vacates Denial of Preliminary Injunction Projects Overlapping with Southern Sierra Nevada Fisher Population
  • Forest Service Begins Eastside Screens Monitoring
  • Region 1 Looks to Ramp Up Management Despite Obstacles
  • AFRC Weighs in on Washington State’s “Climate Commitment Act” Plan
  • Washington Legislative Update
  • AFRC and Lewis County Move to Intervene to Defend Washington DNR’s Point Blank Timber Sale
  • Fourth Circuit Remands the Mountain Valley Pipeline Across the Jefferson National Forest Based on Violations of the 2012 Forest Planning Rule

December 2021 Newsletter

  • Washington, DC Update
  • OSHA Vaccine Mandate Heads to U.S. Supreme Court, While Federal Contractor/Subcontractor Vaccine Mandate Remains Enjoined
  • Judge Molloy Rejects Plaintiffs’ Attempt to Revisit Flathead Forest Plan Litigation
  • Judge Aiken Enjoins Hwy 46 and Lang Dam Projects on Willamette National Forest
  • AFRC Comments on Proposed Critical Habitat for the Coastal Marten
  • AFRC and CalForest Comment on Proposed Critical Habitat for Southern Sierra Pacific Fisher
  • Foothill Yellow-Legged Frog Proposed for Listing under the ESA
  • ODF Federal Forest Restoration Program Update
  • The Twisp Restoration Project Saga-Part II: Picking up the Pieces
  • Washington State Department of Natural Resources Sustainable Harvest Planning
  • Cut It, Graze It or Burn It
  • Developing the Next Generation of Forestry and Natural Resource Leaders

November 2021 Newsletter

  • Washington, DC Update
  • Judge Leon Finally Issues O&C Lands/Resource Management Plans Challenge Remedy Decision
  • FWS Publishes Replacement Rule for Northern Spotted Owl Critical Habitat
  • AFRC, Kootenai Forest Stakeholders Coalition, and Lincoln County Intervene to Defend Ripley Project
  • Region 1 Moving Forward with Fire Salvage
  • AFRC, FFRC Comment on Phase 1 of CEQ’s NEPA Reform
  • Franz Announces Keeping Washington Evergreen Legislation

October 2021 Newsletter

  • Washington, DC Update
  • Washington State Supreme Court Holds Oral Argument in Case Challenging Timber Management on DNR Trust Lands
  • USFS and BLM FY 2021 wrap-up
  • Biden Administration Regulatory Update
  • Judge Leon Declines to Enjoin Rules Delaying Effective Date of 2021 Northern Spotted Owl Critical Habitat Designation
  • AFRC Holds Fall Meeting in Missoula
  • National Conservation Legacy Center Making Progress

September 2021 Newsletter

  • New! The AFRC Podcast
  • Washington, DC Update
  • Biden Administration Issues Sweeping COVID-19 Mandates for Federal Contractors
  • AFRC Submits Comments on the Northern Spotted Owl Critical Habitat Rule
  • AFRC Moves for a Preliminary Injunction in its Challenge to NSO Critical Habitat Delay Rules
  • Biden Administration Repeals Trump Era Migratory Bird Treaty Act Rules
  • Report Details Economic Losses from 2020 Oregon Wildfires
  • AFRC Successfully Intervenes to Defend the End of the World/Hungry Ridge Projects on the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest
  • The Twisp Restoration Project Saga

August 2021 Newsletter

  • Washington DC Update
  • Tom Partin: Wildfires and Litigation-Both “Out of Control”
  • Magistrate Judge Clarke Upholds BLM’s North Landscape Project
  • Malheur National Forest Implements Firewise Project to Protect Community
  • AFRC and OFIC Moved to Intervene in Challenge to FWS’s “Not Warranted” Finding for Red Tree Vole
  • AFRC Congratulates Sara Ghafouri on New Role: General Counsel

July 2021 Newsletter

  • AFRC Annual Meeting: See You in Stevenson
  • Washington DC Update
  • Hazard Tree Removal Litigated
  • Roadside Hazard Removal and Public Access is Under Attack
  • AFRC Staff and Members Tour Developing Montana Projects
  • Montana-DNRC, Custer Gallatin Working Group Members Defend Forest Projects
  • Judge Denies Industry Coalition Intervention to Defend Wolf Delisting