April 2021 Newsletter

  • Agenda Taking Shape for 2021 AFRC Annual Meeting
  • Washington DC Update
  • Fish & Wildlife Doubles Down on Illegal Delay to NSO Critical Habitat Rule
  • AFRC Begins Field Review of River Democracy Act
  • AFRC Intervenes in Challenge to Bear Grub and Round Oak Projects
  • Western Oregon Fire Salvage Update
  • AFRC and FFRC Submit Joint Comments on Climate-Smart Practices
  • Washington Legislative Recap
  • WA DNR Continues Work on Trust Land Performance Assessment
  • Regional Forester Issues Responses to Forest Plan Objections
  • AFRC Adds to Growing Membership

March 2021 Newsletter

  • Save the Date: AFRC Annual Meeting Set for August 2-4
  • Washington DC Update
  • AFRC in the News
  • Owl Lawsuits on Both Coasts
  • Barred Owl Removal Experiment Update
  • U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Questions Use of Antiquities Act
  • USDA Requests Public Comments on Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis
  • Lincoln County, Montana Project Receives Grant
  • Supreme Court: Draft Biological Opinions Exempt from FOIA Disclosure
  • AFRC Revamps Website to Highlight Forest Management Solutions

February 2021 Newsletter

  • Washington DC Update
  • President Biden’s 30 by 30 Executive Order
  • Biden Team Starts Process for Rollbacks of Regulatory Changes
  • Western Oregon Wildfire Data Published
  • Ninth Circuit Upholds Denial of Injunction Against Brebner Flat Project
  • South Plateau Project Deserves Public Support
  • Washington State DNR Timber Sale Update

January 2021 Newsletter

  • Washington, DC Update
  • New NSO Rule Is a Step to Restoring the Promise of the Northwest Forest Plan
  • Forest Service Signs Final Decision on Eastside Screens Amendment
  • Environmental Groups Challenge Forest Service NEPA Regulations
  • National Forestry and Wildlife Coalition Supports Forest Restoration in Indiana
  • AFRC Seeks to Defend the South Fork Stillaguamish Vegetation Project on the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest
  • WCSN Launches New Website –
  • Washington State Legislative Update
  • OK-Wen National Forest Testing Condition Based Management

December 2020 Newsletter

  • Save the Date: AFRC Annual Meeting Set for August 2-4
  • Washington DC Update
  • How the Biden Administration Could Influence Federal Forest Policy
  • Scientific Rebuttal on Spotted Owls and Wildfire Published
  • Mission Restoration Project on the Okanogan-Wenatchee Gets the Greenlight
  • Kootenai Wildland Urban Interface Shared Stewardship
  • Collaboratives Creating Momentum for Management on the Caribou-Targhee
  • AFRC is Hiring – Southwest Oregon Field Forester

November 2020 Newsletter

  • Washington, DC Update
  • Forest Service Final NEPA Rule Published in Federal Register
  • New Data Illustrates Wildfire Impacts to BLM Lands
  • Federal Timber Purchasers Committee Meeting
  • The Middle May Timber Sale and Reiter Foothills Saga Continues
  • Washington State Political Updates
  • AFRC’s Forest Products and Carbon Committee
  • Custer-Gallatin Conducts Forest Plan Resolution Meetings
  • Advocates Press for Government Transparency Before the Supreme Court

October 2020 Newsletter

  • Washington, DC Update
  • Forest Service Proposes Updates to its Handbook and Manual
  • AFRC Submits Data and Exclusion Request on Critical Habitat for the Spotted Owl
  • Legal Victory: Challenge to DNR’s Management of State Trust Lands Dismissed
  • Montana Forest Action Plan Seeks to Increase Pace, Scale of Management
  • Washington State Releases New Forest Action Plan
  • Roadside Hazards Persist in Light of Ninth Circuit Ruling
  • AFRC Submits Comments on the Eastside Screens EA
  • Environmental Groups Seek to Reverse BLM Decisions Under Pendley
  • Amanda Astor Moving to AOL, Stays in Forest Products Family

September 2020 Newsletter

  • A Message from AFRC President Travis Joseph
  • Wildfires Bring Unprecedented Devastation to the West
  • Washington, D.C. Update
  • Forest Service Region 6 Hits 2020 Target
  • Court Allows New NEPA Rules to Go Into Effect
  • AFRC Comments on Proposed Definition of “Habitat” Under the ESA
  • AFRC Provides Creative Solutions on the Wild Rivers Coast Forest Collaborative
  • Idaho and Montana Prepare Shared Stewardship Projects
  • Washington DNR Update – Reiter Foothills and Middle May
  • The Passing of Justice Ginsburg Could Reshape U.S. Supreme Court

August 2020 Newsletter

  • Washington, DC Update
  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Issues Two Proposed Rules for Critical Habitat
  • Forest Service Publishes Eastside Screens Amendment EA
  • Washington State Update – Board of Natural Resources “Retreat”
  • DNR Lands in Snohomish County’s Reiter Foothills
  • Forest Service Region 1 Reaches Timber Targets Despite Obstacles
  • District Court Upholds the Tecuya Ridge Project on the Los Padres National Forest
  • Ninth Circuit Refuses to Rehear CCR Appeal While the Mt. Hood National Forest Burns
  • Forest Products Industry Steps Up to Defend CEQ Rules Against Flood of Litigation
  • Ninth Circuit Halts the Ranch Fire Project on the Mendocino National Forest
  • AFRC and Partners Push Supreme Court for Transparency in Endangered Species Consultation
  • Heidi Logan Joins AFRC as Legal Extern

July 2020 Newsletter

  • AFRC Supports Modernizing BLM Forest Management Rules
  • Washington, D.C. Update
  • New NEPA Regulations Finalized; A Hundred Lawsuits Bloom
  • Forest Service Releases Bioregional Assessment
  • DNR Litigation Update: A Significant Early Victory
  • Brebner Flat Project is Cleared to Proceed with Operations
  • The Crystal Clear Restoration Project Litigation Battle Continues
  • Post-Fire Management Science Published
  • New Forest Plans Shape Eastern Montana’s Future