December 2012 Newsletter

Forest Roads Case New Spotted Owl Critical Habitat Forest Health Assessment Committee Chairmanships Sizing Up Restoration Treatments DNR Timber Program Report BLM Awards Regeneration Sale Shasta Trinity Defends Projects FWS Reviewing Caribou Listing Stoel Rives Honored

November 2012 Newsletter

113th Congress Congressionals Want Forest Health Help NSO Critical Habitat Delayed Forest Service Acres Harvested N. CA Target Accomplishments Court Denies Cottonwood Injunction Mendocino Challenges Continue SOPI Issued China Illegally Dumping Plywood

October 2012 Newsletter

Election Update Kitzhaber’s O&C Discussion Group AFRC Withdraws Protest Preliminary FY12 Sale Accomplishments Forest Service Regeneration Harvests Management vs. Fire Funding Okanogan/Wenatchee Update OFRI Issues Economic Report

September 2012 Newsletter

Congress Passes Continuing Resolution Forest Roads Case Legal Victory on EAs Farm Bill Stalls 2012 Fire Statistics AFRC Protests BLM Sale Lawsuits Coming Fast and Furious Big Game Foraging Habitat DNR Timber Program Report Sequestration Impacts Cal Joyner Promoted

August 2012 Newsletter

Planning Rule Lawsuit Filed Focus on Forest Health Bills Litigation and Fire Impacts Owl CH Economic Impact Underestimated Forest Service Issues Objection Rule Williamette Ecological Forestry Colville Blowdown Perez Named State Director New Wallowa-Whitman Supervisor

July 2012 Newsletter

Supreme Court Takes Forest Roads Case SPI Settles Fire Damage Case Farm Bill Forestry Provisions Spotted Owl Critical Habitat Comments Counties Granted Extension Suit Filed on Murrelet Take Beaverslide Victory DNR Timber Program Report Western Governors Letter to Congress New Planning Process on Willamette Snow Basin Project National Forest System Rework Betsy McGreer Honored Maness […]

June 2012 Newsletter

Interior Approps Bill Passed Wildfire Update Victory on Mudflow Project Labrador Bill Lynx Mapping Halts Project DNR Sued Over Murrelet EPA Forest Roads Response Owl Critical Habitat Hearing Roadless Amicus Brief Sustainable Forest Action Coalition Save our Forests Video Kitzhaber’s Natural Resource Team

May 2012 Newsletter

EPA on NPDES Permits Congressional Hearing on Federal Forests SRS Reauthorization & Forestry Legislation 2013 Interior Appropriations DNR Murrelet Interim Strategy DNR Murrelet Long Term Strategy Another Thinning Project Challenged Stewardship Contract Reauthorization BLM Planning Owl Comment Period Extended FS Issues Interim Directives National FTPC Meets in Denver Idaho Panhandle Forest Plan Comments Consequences of […]

April 2012 Newsletter

2012 AFRC Annual Meeting Recap County Payments Reauthorization Murrelet Long-Term Conservation Strategy Balance of Powers House Ag/Forestry Hearing H.R. 4089-Interesting Dicks to Retire Ed Shepard to Step Down New Forest Supervisors Hawkinson to FRA Ellen Engstedt Simpson

March 2012 Newsletter

AFRC Annual Meeting Near FWS Obsures Habitat Issues BLM Plans Again BLM Ignores Process Senate Votes to Reauthorize County Payments DNR Marbled Murrelet Strategy Stay in NPDES Case Court Complicates Water Regulatory Review DNR Biomass Study DNR Timber Program Report Ponderosa Pine Utilization Standards & Indexing Idaho Environmental Forum IFA Executive Norm Bjorklund