December 2015 Newsletter

Forest Management and Fire Funding Package Dies in Senate Congress Passes Omnibus Bill Region Six Timber Purchasers Meeting Western Lumber Snapshot New Study on Owls Court Upholds French Fire Project DNR Withdraws Aquatics HCP Omak Wood Products Closing Oregon Federal Forest Health Program Projects Selected Stouts Fire Restoration Idaho Governor Promotes Adaptive Management Rabot and […]

November 2015 Newsletter

Omnibus Appropriations, Fire Funding and Forest Management Another Fire and Forest Management Hearing Westside Fire Recovery Project Smokey Project Litigation Fires Keep Timber Programs in Limbo Report on Idaho Forest Health N. California FY15 Target Accomplishments Blue Mountains Forest Plan Revision Update Pinchot Partners Receive Grant Washington State Forest Sector Lead

October 2015 Newsletter

Wilfire and Management Hearings FTPC Meetings in Montana Washington DNR Special Meeting Proposed New Murrelet Protection Secretary Vilsack Visit Pinchot Partners Field Tour New Homes Up, Lumber Price Down Montana East Reservoir Litigation Court of Appeals Stays WOTUS Rule Snow-Basins Intervenors Cannot Appeal French Fire Litigation Injunction Avoided Region 1 Litigation Impacts New Assistant Resource […]

September 2015 Newsletter

Congressional Updates Forest Management Reforms Fire Borrowing and Related Impacts House Passes Tribal Bill Action on DC Cases Future of Klamath in Limbo FWS to Look at More Listings New Mt. Baker Snoqualmie Supervisor New Colville Supervisor New AFRC Staff Attorney Announced Ward Armstrong

August 2015 Newsletter

Congress Moves on Fire Borrowing Comment Period on BLM Draft RMP’s Ends Wildfires Ravage Western Communities Western Oregon Wildfire Update New Year, Same Results Latest Fire Statistics Washington DNR Arrearage DNR Management Fee Increase OFRI Hires Director of Forest Products

July 2015 Newsletter

AFRC Names Next President Forestry Bill Moving Hearing on Barrasso and Wyden Bills Interior Appropriations Fremont-Winema Volume Pulled Intimidation Trumps Science Oregon Coast Coho 5-Year Review 2014 Oregon Timber Harvest Report States Invest in Forest Health Francis D. Engle

June 2015 Newsletter

H.R. 2647 on a Fast-track Barrasso Introduces Federal Forest Legislation More Concerns with BLM’s RMPs RMP Timber/Wildlife Workshop BLM Volume Case Stumbles Action on FS/BLM 2016 Budget Small Movement on Fire Borrowing Issue Porcupine Injunction Denied DNR FY15 Timber Sale Program NWFP 20-Year Monitoring Reports YTD Wildfire Statistics Laura Jo West to Coconino

May 2015 Newsletter

BLM Plan Falls Short Litigation Impacts to Federal Forest Management New Section 7 Consultation Regulations New DxP Direction Issued Carlton Complex Harvest Moves Forward National Forests Failing Wildlife ODF Budgets Aid to Federal Forests Busy 4th Quarter in SW Oregon NWFP Forum Marten Named to Head Region 1

April 2015 Newsletter

BLM Releases Draft Resource Management Plans 2015 Annual Meeting – All About Successes Jazz Decision Affirmed Carlton Complex Salvage Goes Forward Forest Planning Rule Case Decided Budget Cuts Looming? Hearings Look at Wildfire and LWCF SRS Extended Groundwater Directives Withdrawn Forest Planning Listening Sessions Continue Blue Mountains Forest Plan Revision Redux Eugene BLM Invests in […]

March 2015 Newsletter

Walden Secures Reauthorization of County Payments Duane Vaagen Testifies Before Senate Committee AFRC’s Tom Partin Testifies on Appropriations Northwest Forest Plan Revision Project Challenge to DNR Salvage Sale Insect and Disease CE Signed Goose EIS and Analysis Paralysis CEQ GHG Guidance Comments Divided Lands Region 6 Forest Supervisors New Faces on the Mendocino Last Chance […]