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Science Says: Wildfires, Aging Forests Are Contributing to Climate Change

Managing Forests, Using Wood Products Deliver Sustained Climate Benefits A new report by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should question the narrative the United States is running out of old growth, and “protecting the last remaining” old growth is the only solution to combatting climate change. Research suggests forests are aging and severe wildfires and […]

Mountain States Legal Foundation and American Forest Resource Council fight NEPA abuse

In America, checks and balances serve a critical purpose: they prevent the concentration of power in any single branch of government. They also keep the people’s expression of the “public interest” at the forefront of federal laws and regulations. However, recent actions by the D.C. Circuit Court—now pending before the U.S. Supreme Court in a […]

King County ‘Wishbone’ Ruling Got it Wrong: Why Using Timber from DNR State Trust Lands is a Net Positive for Our Climate

Does permanently setting aside mature forests on Department of Natural Resources (DNR) managed state trust lands provide a larger carbon benefit than harvesting and storing that carbon in Washington-made wood products? This question is relevant after anti-forestry activists sued and convinced a King County Judge to halt the Wishbone timber sale in late March, ordering […]

Explainer: Anti-Forestry Groups Protesting Effort to Thin Fire-Prone Forests in Southern Oregon

As anti-forestry groups prepare to protest the Bureau of Land Management’s Integrated Vegetation Management plan at federal court on April 2, the American Forest Resource Council offers the following explainer on the plan and why it’s important for improving forest health and reducing the risks of wildfire and smoke in Southern Oregon.  Integrated Vegetation Management […]

AFRC and AOCC Comment on U.S. Supreme Court’s Denial of Petition for Writ of Certiorari on O&C Lands Case

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to review the Obama-era expansion of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument and the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) 2016 Resource Management Plans for Western Oregon O&C lands.  The case posed legal questions of national interest around Executive Branch overreach and the use of the Antiquities Act to nullify Congressional intent […]

Pacific Northwest Faces Critical Timber Supply Shortage: A Call to Action for Congress

The American Forest Resource Council (AFRC) today urged the Pacific Northwest’s Congressional Delegation in Washington, DC to take action to address challenges to the region’s forest and wood products sector that supports more than 150,000 private sector jobs in Oregon and Washington and provides critical infrastructure for the federal government to improve forest health, reduce […]

AFRC Submits Comments on Northwest Forest Plan, National Old Growth Amendments

The American Forest Resource Council (AFRC) today submitted formal comments to the U.S. Forest Service on amending the 30-year-old Northwest Forest Plan (NWFP) governing the management of 17 national forests and over 24 million acres in Northern California, Oregon, and Washington. Separately, AFRC submitted formal comments in response to the Forest Service’s Notice of Intent […]

Working Forest Carbon Blueprint Unveils Comprehensive Strategy for Carbon Management and Sustainable Forestry

The Washington Forest Protection Association (WFPA) proudly announces the Working Forest Carbon Blueprint website launch. This comprehensive resource extends beyond the use of wood in construction to encompass a broader range of carbon forestry issues. This initiative represents a collaborative effort among industry leaders, including the Washington Farm Forestry Association, Washington Friends of Farms & […]