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AFRC is always looking for creative solutions to complex problems. Learn how we are contributing to the conversation.

Letter to BLM Medford District Regarding Timber Salvage

AFRC partnered with the Southern Oregon Timber Industry Association to send a letter to the Medford

Progress Under Chief Tony Tooke: Forest Service Phoenix Workshop

Chief Tony Tooke recently assembled agency leadership in Phoenix to focus on the key issues facing t

How New Management Tools Are Leading to Success

James Rudisill of the Willamette National Forest-McKenzie River Ranger District provided this PowerP

Congressman Bruce Westerman Letter to President Trump

Congressman Bruce Westerman sent a letter to President Trump outlining federal forest management pri

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Hot Topics

AFRC prides itself on being proactive and engaged. Learn about what AFRC is currently doing to achieve its mission.

Background and Message Points for Federal Old Growth Definition and Inventory

Request for Information: Federal Old-Growth and Mature Forests The U.S. Forest S

AFRC Letter to Rep. Derek Kilmer and Sen. Patty Murray on Wild Olympics legislation

AFRC sent a letter to Rep. Derek Kilmer (D-WA) and Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) with recommendations on

AFRC Comments on the Revised Draft Environmental Impact Statement (RDEIS) for Long-Term Conservation Strategy for the Marbled Murrelet

On December 6, AFRC submitted comments to the Washington Department of Natural Resources regarding t

AFRC Expresses Concern On Oregon Wildlands Act

AFRC sent the attached letter to the Oregon Delegation and Congressional leaders urging action on a

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Legal Program

AFRC plays offense and defense in the courtroom. Learn how legal decisions and precedents are shaping public forest policy.

AFRC Final Comments on Council on Environmental Quality Advanced Notice of Proposed Rule Making

The American Forest Resource Council (AFRC) submits these comments in response to the Council on Env

Magistrate Judge Smacks Down Enviros’ Arguments on Collaboration

Magistrate Judge Smacks Down Enviros’ Arguments on Collaboration  

Court Upholds Forest Service Emergency Response Authority

Decision by Eastern Washington District Court Judge Rice upholding the Forest Service's use of emerg

BLM Streamlining Planning & NEPA Input

AFRC's Comments to BLM's Request for Input on Streamlining Planning & NEPA

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Facts & Research

Forest policy should be based on facts and science, not ideology and fear-mongering. Learn the truth about our forests and our incredible industry.

Global warming mitigating role of working forests in Washington state

Washington is the second largest producer of wood products in the United States, including sawn lumb

2019 Ross Report Now Available

The 2019 Ross Report is now available.  Compiled by AFRC Federal Timber Program Director Andy Geiss

R1 Post Fire Repsonse

Fire Salvage Progress on Region 1 National Forests.

After The Fire Is Out

What happens after the fires are out? What happens to the forests when the media goes away? Is the l

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