June 2018 Newsletter

  • Washington, D.C. Update
  • Legal Victories
  • Wildfires are Emergencies
  • Joey/Bald Mountain Suit Dismissed
  • Magistrate Rules on Collaboration
  • Monument Litigation Continues
  • WA Marbled Murrelet
  • DNR and GNA
  • Western Oregon Timber Salvage
  • Hope on the Okanogan-Wentachee
  • AFRC Welcomes Sun Mountain


May 2018 Newsletter

Old Growth

The May 2018 Edition of the AFRC Newsletter.

  • D.C. Update
  • FTPC Recap
  • Frog Project Conclusion
  • Trump Reshapes Appeals Courts
  • Victory in Lava Case
  • Forest Health Advisory Committee Meets
  • R1 Salvage Preparation Moving Forward
  • Economic Viability in Forest Restoration
  • Keith Olson: Congratulations/Thank You
  • AFRC Communications Director Update

April 2018 Newsletter

  • 2018 Annual Meeting Showcases Success
  • Washington, D.C. Updates
  • AFRC Presses Its Case Against the Unlawful Expansion of Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument
  • Chetco Bar Fire Salvage EA Released
  • Oregon Society of American Foresters Annual Meeting
  • Payette Holds Solutions Meeting
  • AFRC Welcomes Communications Director

March 2018 Newsletter

  • President Signs Fire Borrowing “Fix,” Management Reforms
  • Washington Legislative Recap
  • Oregon Legislative Recap
  • Westside Fire Recovery Litigation Settles
  • Remainder of Tower/Grizzly Case Dismissed after 9th Circuit Win
  • AFRC Lends Support in Moonlight Fire Petition to Supreme Court
  • Forest Service Use of Pod or Zone Concept
  • Changes to Forest Service Bid Form and New Contract Provisions
  • Forest Health in Oregon: State of the State 2018
  • Reminder: AFRC/HFHC Emerging Leaders Program
  • Last Chance to Register for AFRC’s Annual Meeting

February 2018 Newsletter

  • AFRC Annual Meeting – April 3-5
  • Washington State Legislative Update
  • Supreme Court Slams Door on White Castle Sale
  • AFRC Appeals Elk Camel Protest Denial
  • Region 6 Holds Environmental Analysis & Decision-making Roundtable
  • AFRC Staff Attorney Sara Ghafouri Testifies in Support of Oregon’s GNA Bill
  • Region 1 Salvage Update
  • AFRC Welcomes New Field Forester Amanda Astor

January 2018 Newsletter

  • Save the Date: AFRC’s Annual Meeting, April 3-5
  • Washington, D.C. Updates
  • Washington State Legislative Update
  • New Marbled Murrelet Habitat Assessment
  • Chetco Bar Fire Salvage
  • AFRC’s Request Granted to Appear in the Lostine Public Safety Project Litigation
  • High Court to Decide Important Critical Habitat Questions in Gopher Frog Case
  • Okanogan-Wentachee National Forest Update

December 2017 Newsletter

  • Washington, D.C. Updates
  • Congress Passes Western Oregon Tribal Fairness Act
  • Changes Coming to Olympia as 2018 Legislative Session Approaches
  • AFRC Files Brief in Challenge to BLM’s Illegal Management Plan for Western Oregon
  • AFRC Asks Supreme Court to Review White Castle Decision
  • President’s Monument Revisions Bring a Cascade of New Litigation
  • Secretary Recommends Modifications to Cascade-Siskiyou
  • Billy Williams Nominated as Permanent US Attorney for Oregon
  • AFRC Files Ninth Circuit Amicus Brief in the Wolverine Fire Case
  • NEPA Efficiencies on the Willamette National Forest
  • Deschutes Project Receives Honor
  • Join our Team: AFRC is Hiring a Communications Director

November 2017 Newsletter

  • Washington DC Updates
  • New Video Celebrates AFRC Support of Habitat for Humanity Build in Springfield
  • AFRC Launches Second Habitat for Humanity Home in Lacey, WA
  • Loggers Suppressing Wildfires
  • Fire Salvage Planning Underway in Western Oregon
  • Fire Salvage Efforts Move Forward in Region 1, Region 6
  • Judge Denies Attempt to Stop Bull Run Project
  • Judge Denies TRO on Vital Southern Idaho Fire Recovery Projects
  • Board of Natural Resources Makes Decisions on Murrelets and Sustainable Harvest
  • Work Session on Murrelets
  • Forest Service Makes Changes to KV and Stewardship
  • AFRC Member Spotlight: Freres Lumber’s Veneer Plant Reconstructed, Back Online
  • AFRC is Growing – Join Our Team!

October 2017 Newsletter

  • Washington, D.C. Updates
  • BLM Denies AFRC Protest
  • National FTPC Meets in Duluth
  • Status of GNA and Farm Bill CE Implementation
  • Chetco Bar Fire BAER Report
  • Region 1 Tackles Fire Salvage and Restoration
  • AFRC Intervenes in Bull Run Project Challenge
  • President Trump Will Shrink Bears Ears and Grande Staircase-Escalante National Monuments
  • Judge Leon Grants Additional Stay in Cascade-Siskiyou Monument Litigation
  • Black-Backed Woodpecker and N. Rocky Mountains Fisher Listings Not Warranted
  • DNR Launches 20 Year Forest Health Strategic Plan
  • AFRC is Growing – Join our Team!

September 2017 Newsletter

  • Wildfires and Forest Management Reform
  • Fite Completes a Doubleheader
  • Court Decides Challenges to Western Oregon RMP Can Stay in D.C.
  • Frog Project Finally Cleared
  • Singletary Sale Overturned, More Process to Come
  • A New Nominee for the Ninth Circuit
  • AFRC Joins Amicus Brief on Value of Timber in Eminent Domain Cases
  • Ninth Circuit Lets Sunny South Project Operations Begin
  • Monument Report Includes Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument
  • AFRC Intervenes in Challenge to Joey and Bald Mountain Projects
  • Ninth Circuit Ruled That an EIS is Not Required to Put Up Parking Lot
  • Murrelet Long Term Conservation Strategy Planning Grinds On
  • Note of Thanks